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BYOB: Be Your Own Bartender

It’s considered crass to discuss money, but only by those who have it. So the graduating of the notion of BYOB from frat party to fine dining is the brain child of foodies and winos alike…all of whom, from time to time, have managed to subsist on a budget.

It’s brilliant in concept. At least brilliant to my group of friends which largely consists of bartenders– which when broken down translates to out-of-work-actors, out-of-work-writers, out-of-work-artists, out-of-work-dancers– and up-and-coming corporate Americana. No matter the career being traveled, there exists one common thread: budding alcoholism.

            Down to a person, our new trend for eating out is the burgeoning industry of BYOB fine dining.  My current favorite in this new obsession is this little Cuban place in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, more specifically, 3rd and B.  The food is amazing, but that’s barely the point of our dinners, the point is we can bring our own wine and beer and dine out as if we were dining in.

            Over fried plantains, marinated shrimp and ropa vieja we discuss, politics, asinine bosses, sexual escapades and more with a hefty glass of an eclectic array of red from Trader Joe’s selection. There’s a two-hour limit per table, as the line is out the door, and reservations are loose at best. After appetizers, main courses and coffee, all in all the evening rounds out at about $25 per person, and that leaves one with enough remaining in the expense account to still properly paint the town.

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